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Luskintrye Property# Hunter Valley# Kylie sneak peak

Today I was invited to take some photos of a gorgeous property in the Hunter Valley called Luskintyre!  The property sits nicely beside a river and is surrounded by gorgeous views of green countryside and rolling hills.

The home is gorgeous and so inviting and also has a very cute cottage, yes cute, and in all honesty I would love this cottage to be my studio..but maybe in another life!!!  Every part of the property caught my eye and I can already imagine wonderful family photos and also wedding photos taken here. I mean why wouldn’t you it has beautiful verandas, quiet hidden away spots, open grass and so many trees that the possibilities of photographing a family  or a wedding here is endless.

The owner is also a qualified massage and Reiki specialist and also has an online shop called Realms of Life

If you ever need a massage or Reiki you should contact Kylie at Realms of Life ….or if you are after some Le Reve products Kylie is the woman you should speak with..

please enjoy the sneak peak of this gorgeous property in the Hunter Valley

gorgeous property in the Hunter Valley

gorgeous property in the Hunter Valley

 Hunter Valley# Luskintrye#

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