Time for some Best friend fun!!

I love the fact that my daughters love to have their photos taken with their friends…and I just adore that my 8 year old Whitney asked me to have a mini session with here best friend, who I might add have been friends since pre school!!!

Children Family Photography

In order for this to be the best day ever( from my 8 year olds mouth) then a sleep over had to take place, then in the afternoon when lighting was perfect I could then take them for some photos..doing what they do best and that is having fun..well after asking permission from Abbey’s mum I made it happen…and what follows are just some of the photos taken…








They had a blast and I just told them to do what they wanted, although I did make a couple of suggestions…and I know this will be something both girls will always cherish…isn’t it time you organised a photos session with your child’s bestie???Enjoy <3


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